food and product photography backdrops! where to buy backdrops from?



Food and product photography backdrops are something we absolutely love collecting along with photography props. Whilst it can get addictive and simply because there is an ocean of backdrops and props available, it can also get super confusing to figure out what to invest in and what not to buy. 


A lot of us have great props to use but the backdrop is what makes or breaks an image. It is the basis of every composition. So, it is important to know which one is right for which image.



What makes a good food and product photography backdrop?





Its wise to invest in backdrops with character. Look for interesting textures, grains, spots, and other elements that arent distracting. Another thing to keep in mind is to opt for backdrops that dont take away from the image and are versatile enough to use it innumerable times. 





Food truly looks fresh and comes alive when its arranged on backdrops that are neutral, and desaturated. That being said, the backdrops should match your colour palette and convey your story.




Rustic vs. Clean


Rustic backdrops are quite popular for food photography as it adds charm to the images. Although, clean, plain backdrops are incredibly beautiful too. Each setup calls for a different vibe and you must take a call on what sort of an aesthetic you would like to achieve.





For product and food photography, a backdrop around 2 x 3 feet is ideal as you might not need a large surface to work with and this size would fit different camera angles be it a flatlay or it is a landscape shot. Backdrops bigger than 4 feet are fantastic for bigger scenes, but for most images, a smaller size would do. 



Types of backdrops


Printed vs. Painted backdrops


Some of the most widely available and used backdrops are printed and painted backdrops. Both types have their own merits and demerits. Painted backdrops are most realistic and will have a wide range of textures and depth. Furthermore, they can also be customised as per your requirements. 


Printed backdrops on the other hand will lack texture but a high quality print might be able to trick the eye when it is used for photography. Hence, it is crucial for the photographer to take a call on which backdrop would work for the kind of image you are shooting. The advantage with printed backdrops is that they are generally lighter in comparison to other backdrops as they are printed on sun and foam boards. This makes it easy to store and portable too.


The backdrops used in the below image are (a) painted (the one at the back) and (b) cloth (the one at the base)


Vinyl vs MDF board


MDF board backdrops can be super versatile. This is because they can be painted on both sides and can be used in multiple ways. One side can be painted in neutrals with a minimalist aesthetic. And the other side can have a statement design with a bright pop of colour or something that you might want to experiment with. This makes it cost efficient too. 


Vinyl backdrops are durable, tough backdrops that are glare and wrinkle-free. These backdrops are popular with photographers as they can be suspended easily to form the vertical background. They can be rolled and stored which saves space. Like MDF boards, vinyls can also have two different backdrops in one vinyl which offers more room to experiment.




Now, something that we get asked all the time is where we source our backdrops from. Were finally divulging our secrets. Here are some fantastic businesses you can shop impeccable backdrops from:


1. Woodville Backdrops


This Russian store sells wooden and stone backdrops of varying sizes. They have some impressive backdrops that will definitely up your photography game. You must check them out if you are looking to invest in quality backdrops. They ship worldwide. The one above, is a two sided one from Woodville. 


Website: https://www.en.woodvilleworkshop.com


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/backdrop.woodville/?hl=en


2. Club Backdrops


This is your one stop shop for canvas and vinyl backdrops from the United Kingdom. They have backdrops ranging from neutrals to bright pieces. If you are looking for textured or seasonally inspired backdrops, you have to look them up. The one pictured above is from club backdrops and is one of my favourite backdrops in my collection. 


Website: https://clubbackdrops.com


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clubbackdrops/?hl=en


3. Errer Backdrops

If you are looking for backdrops that are smooth and waterproof, Errer Backdrops is the answer for you. They are based out of the Netherlands and ship internationally. They have the BEST collection of neutral backdrops with lots of textures and finishes. 


Website: https://www.errer.com/vinyl-backdrops/?v=c86ee0d9d7ed


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/errer.backdrops/?hl=en 



4. Madras Prop Store


This prop store sells some fabulous goods and is based out of Chennai, India. It is a true product and food photographers paradise. This is the only Indian store which has made to the list because of its quality, range and finish. 


Website: https://madraspropstore.com


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madras_prop_store/?hl=en


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