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understanding Instagram for food bloggers

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Food blogging is one sophisticated method of earning organic followers on Instagram. It is fairly common in today’s day and age, but not as easy as it may seem to some, as there are actually some things to keep in mind before starting your own Food Blogg on Instagram. And if you’re one of those who’ve already begun with this journey, this might be the cheat sheet you need to gain the popularity you deserve on Instagram for those delicious recipe of yours.

Beating Instagram Algorithm for 2022

There’s just one caveat in this whole process that concerns us – the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. Basis the information mentioned below, Instagram’s algorithm calculates how likely it is for a user to interact with a post. This is known as score of interest and is confirmed by Instagram to work for 2022.

  1. Information about the post: When was the post made? Is it a reel, picture, or IGTV video? How many likes does it have?
  2. Information about the poster: How interesting is it to you? Is it from someone who’s your friend? How often do people engage with this kind of content?
  3. Your activity: Do you watch a lot of reels or like a lot of pictures? What type of content do you, as a user, typically engage yourself with?
  4. Your interaction history: How do you engage with someone’s posts? Do you typically just like or comment on someone’s posts?
The score of interest ultimately determines the order in which Instagram displays your post on someone else’s feed. Moving further, Instagram also takes into consideration five important interactions that, of course, play a part in determining the feed ranking of your post. These are:
  1. Time spent: Are you going to spend time on this post?
  2. Likes: What are the odds of you liking this post?
  3. Comments: How likely is someone to comment on this post?
  4. Saves: Is there a chance you’ll save this post?
  5. Taps on profile: How likely is someone to open a profile after seeing/interacting with a post?
The takeaway from all this is that if you create created content with which other users interact, it’ll have a good reach and Instagram will, in future, prioritise your profile in the feed of other users. You can always use Instagram analytics to determine what content works in your favour.
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Using Reels

The same is also valid for food photography as well, but there’s a certain small advantage to it as people are more likely to interact with food pages than fashion posts. A simple reason for this is food is something that widely attracts everyone, resulting in a wider target audience. One way to give your delicacy shots a good boost is to post reels with trending songs and transitions, in which way Instagram usually picks up your reels and distributes them amongst thousands of people scrolling through the reel section at that moment. Instagram has been extremely vocal of the fact that they would be prioritising short video content over both still and long formats, so I would strongly suggest adding reels to your content bucket.

Closing Notes

We feel that Instagram is the right place for new bloggers to start their journey of blogging, for it has an amazing audience onboard plus you might not know who ends up drooling over those tasty delicacy pictures. Currently, lots of brands especially food and fmcg are looking to collaborate with food bloggers as well, which may help in monetising your efforts promptly. You can’t guarantee that your account would soare as soon as you start but my biggest advice for you would be to be consistent and don’t wander around for people to appreciate your work through likes or comments or the number of followers you have.

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