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About Venice

Located in the Northern Region of the Meditterean Country of Italy, Venice – a city of Water Canals. This city has more to offer than you think.. from Colorful Islands to Hidden Underground Bars, here are some recommendations for your trip, if you ever plan on going to Venice.

Is the city really sinking?

The possibility of this happening is very real! A lot of Climate Change studies have been conducted for the Italian based city. It is true that Venice can be completely underground by 2100. That’s just 70 years away! Our generation and the generation after ours, might be the last ones to see this city. So i guess, it’s time to make amends to your bucket list.

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Whats a good time to go to Venice?

Well, it depends on what you like- a calm peaceful environment or more of a fun party vibe!

If you are looking for the former, the best weather for Venice is Early May or September. It’s warm but not too warm, quite pleasant. September might however, be more crowded than Early May. So that’s something to keep in mind. 


If you’re looking for a more fun vibe. It is fun to visit the canal-like city during the Carnival! The festivities are two weeks long and usually happen in January end and February beginning. It’s more fun to be there on the weekends! The last weekend of the Carnival is the ideal time to be there. Everybody is out and about on St. Mark’s Square with Venezian Masks (pictured above), having a fun time!!


Food in Venice

My favourite part about any city, any culture: it’s cuisine. Venice is predominated by Venezian, Italian and Seafood restaurants. 


A lot of these restaurants are spread around the city, while most are next to the canal itself. 



lobster boy eats world

You can honestly experiment in this city. Sit anywhere you feel comfortable and have a nice view of the canals. I once just sat in a restaurant and shared a Lobster Black Truffle Ravioli (costed me 20 euros, if you’re wondering) with my friend. And it’s safe to say that I get dreams about it till day.

Here are a couple of recommendations:  

  1. Osteria alla Frasca a cute Trattoria from 1903 serving typical Venetian cuisine. You can find a lot of seafood options here.
  2. Estro – Vino e Cucina – a restaurant with a young vibe with wine bottles stacked all around you. The food doesn’t disappoint. 

Things to see & do in Venice

Let’s begin with the basic, 

Go on a Gondola Ride– whether you’re in the city with your friends or somebody you love, gondola rides are a great way to see the city. You’ll come across some of the most beautiful views and your rider might show you around and tell you about old and famous houses of Venice. 

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St.  Mark Square (Piazza San Marco) – is the principal public place of Venice. A lot of hustle & bustle, this place is home to a very cool Church and also a Clock Tower, you can see gorgeous view from the top.

I would recommend going on top of the Clock Tower to capture the complete view of the city. 

Venturing out of Venice

The Islands of Murano and Burano – you can visit these islands with only a short ferry ride. 


  1. Murano – It’s known for one of kind crystal glasses. These glasses are created only on this Island in Venice and it creates a hue of beautiful colours. It’s so interesting to see somebody making a “glass-horse” in front of you, within 15 minutes! 

  2. Burano – City known for coloured buildings. Besides a lot of colours, this city has quite a few restaurants and shops.

    1. You should try and go to Trattoria Al Gatto Nero for a good meal, if you’re wandering the streets of Burano.

    2. You do get the best pictures here! 

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Peggy Guggenheim Museum: A modern art museum located in the Grand Canal, Peggy Guggenheim has a great artistic vibe going around as soon as you enter the contemporary building. The back side of the Museum opens to a balcony-like courtyard in the middle of the Grand Canal, giving a great view!

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Bars & Nightlife in Venice

Since the Island is more or less a quiet town, the nightlife is a bit restricted here outside. You can find a lot of Wine Bars here like “Wine Bar 5000”. 


You can try going to Blind Spot, a terrace bar. The terrace bar boasts of great views, classy cocktails & eclectic vibes. You can also go to bars called Orange, Irish Pub, Chet Bar and Devils Forest Pub. All of these have a fun vibe going around. 


If you wanna go harder, and the night is young. You can go to an Underground Bar called The Jazz Club. This place is a different vibe all-together. It’s safe to say, you won’t get bored here at night


Key Takeaways

Two days are enough for Venice though! If you’re going around the Carnival, stretch your holiday to 3 days.

Eat good food, experiment around restaurants, go on a gondola ride and have a good time.

Go to Murano & Burano Islands and the Peggy Guggenheim Modern Art Museum

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