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Savoury Recipes

A lot of our readers say that they love cooking but struggle with figuring out what to make. Especially when savoury dishes are predominantly what we consume daily. If you nodded your head yes, do not worry. We have put together a bunch of savoury recipes for a rushed weekday dinner to relaxed, elaborate cooking on the weekends.

Since a lot of us thoroughly enjoy Sunday breakfast, we encourage you to get messy in the kitchen with some of our great savoury breakfast ideas. It would be the perfect start to a day off.

Or if you are looking for some superb lunch ideas, we have some savoury recipes that you can cook and enjoy throughout the week without having to repeat them. Or if meal prep is your thing, we have options for that too. You can make large batches of our signature marinara to chuck in some pasta or copious amounts of peanut dipping sauce for quick Asian stir-fries.

We are almost sure that you will find some incredible savoury dishes to have throughout the week, and then some!