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7 Chocolate Recipes to Feed your Soul

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My favorite 9 letters to hear post any meal, is Chocolate. An extremely versatile ingredient, which comes in forms of bars, chips and even powdered – chocolate can be used in a lot of ways. As you must be aware of different types of chocolates available in the market whether white, milk or dark – each of these have use of their own. This blog article features my favorite chocolate recipes for your every need from tarts to cookies to fudgy brownies. Let’s have a look below for what I have in store for you. 

chocolates? yum!

mini chocolate coffee cakes with caramel espresso


Yearning for the ideal combination of chocolate and coffee, then this recipe is a must try. Coffee and chocolate cake with a hint of caramel on top. This recipe is one of our ready or die recipes. It’s not even funny how hungry I was while writing this one, cause it’s just so delectable. These mini cakes are best after a night of dinner and drinks, but also goes well with a hot fresh brewed coffee.




olive oil fudgy brownies


These brownies are for all the fitness freaks, but chocolate lovers out there. Prepared with a soft and fudgy layer of

chocolate and a thin, slightly crunchy coating of chocolate, these brownies are perfect to brighten up a rather gloomy day.

When I first made these, I found them to be too sweet, so I reduced the granulated sugar to make these not-too-sweet fudgy olive oil brownies!

This recipe calls for dark chocolate to be melted using the Double Boiler Method. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a double boiler, check this recipe out. It’s too fun to work with melted chocolate.

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Hot chocolate is a simple treat for cold winter mornings and takes us back to our childhood memories. If you like Nutella and cinnamon as much as I do, you should try this simple Hazelnut Nutella Spiced Hot Chocolate recipe. My fondest memories of the hot chocolate stem from cold winter mornings spent sipping this hot beverage outside. My advice would be to have some marshmallows with the hot chocolate to set the vibe right.

Nutella spiced hot chocolate

Although the name suggests pre-workout, this bowl can also be made and consumed post-workout. The bowl’s ingredients will remain the same; only your supplement of choice will change. Here’s how you can make eating healthy more exciting. These are Smoothies with Toppings, similar to Frozen Yoghurt! Smoothie Bowls can be made in a variety of flavours! Toppings can include granola, healthy and super seeds, dried and fresh fruits, and even chocolate chips! In comparison to Smoothies, the amount of milk in Smoothie Bowls is slightly less, resulting in a slightly thicker consistency to compliment the toppings properly!


dark chocolate cookies 

These fudgy-brownie-like cookies are exactly what your kitchen needs. Many nutritionists recommend Dark Chocolate as part of your fitness regimen, so you can have a cookie every night guilt-free. These cookies can be kept in an airtight container for up to a week. Their soft-crumbly texture melts in your mouth. Alternatively, you can sandwich two of these cookies with a scoop of ice cream to make a Cookie-Wich. You can also use Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate in its place. I made this recipe with Amul’s Chocolate Bar and worked out great for me.


So for my dad’s birthday this year, I made this Marble Bundt Cake! I am very indecisive when it comes to food and this Marble Cake helped me not pick between Chocolate & Vanilla!

Extremely confused whether to make a Vanilla Bundt Cake with Lemon Curd or to make a Double Chocolate Bundt Cake with a hint of Caramel, made me combine both and make a Marble Bundt with Chocolate Ganache and guys, IT PAID OFF! It was so delicious and was done and ready in less than 2 hours. Click on the link to see how you can make this celebratory cake at home.



4 step Delicious Chocolate Tart

Another chocolate recipe on the page for the Chocolate Lovers. This recipe has the perfect amount of sweetness. It also doesn’t require any fancy props or method to make this recipe. Even using the Oven is optional!

This recipe only has two layers. First is the breaded layer at the bottom of the tart. This one is just a simple combination of Biscuits and Butter. The second layer is the Chocolate Layer, requiring only 4 ingredients. But it does require a good enough time for cooling.



Key Takeaways

Best chocolate recipes for fitness regime are these Dark Chocolate Cookies and Chocolate Smoothie Bowl.

If you’re looking for beginner based recipes, you can try the Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Tart and these Fudgy Brownies

Marble Bundt Cake is the perfect celebratory cake for dinner parties.

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