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Goa in 2022

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About Goa

Located in the western coast of India, Goa is the party place hub for India. The city boasts of good beaches, food and restaurants. From serene views in South to good vibes in North – this guide will help you pick your favourite few places to go in the city when you’re here next.

Goa in 2022

Much like the water, the waves and shore- the city of Goa is always changing. My last visit to the Party Hub was in 2018 during their Monsoons. The greenery was lush, and the life was more carefree during the pre Covid time.  


A lot has changed since then. Carrying a bunch of recommendations from friends, folks, strangers, journals and magazines gave me a hope and sight for a newer Goa. Newer how you may wonder? Decline of old spots, with the rise of new. 


This city is expanding and is not limited to only Aguada, Baga and Calungate as it once was. Soon the newer places would commercialize too, so this list is best for those who are planning their holiday to this dreamy place between 2022 or 2023.


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The Decline of the Old

1.     Baba Au Rahm


My favorite place from my trip in 2018 and one of the reasons for my return to this city turned out to be a shit show. Once a really cool, super green and chill place with wide ass seating has now turned into a Canteen, a Mess and somewhat a Food Court kind of a vibe.  


Dominated by psychedelics once, this place has now been taken over by families. They try to keep their vibe alive with their house music, but the food, the drinks and the crying kids make it far too chaotic to enjoy anything. 


2.     Thalassa


When I went in 2018, the most famous place in Goa was its previous location (Vagator), it’s true home. The kebabs once perfectly marinated, spiced and cooked have lost its charm.  You think of Thalassa; you think of dancing, vibing and enjoying Greek Food. You think of standing on the tables, moving in circles and breaking plates. But it’s shocking to see what it actually has become. A Punjabi hotspot with Bollywood music with the DJ wishing couples and bachelors, anniversary and birthdays every 5 minutes. Much like the vibe, the food and drinks to my dismay has lost its vibe as well. 


The Ones which didn't live up to the Hype

1.     Suzie’s


Rated in the Top 10 restaurants of Goa by GQ, Suzie’s failed to live up to the expectations miserably. An amazing of concept, of your dishes being chosen 24 hours before you are seated, left us excited. We all had chosen different desserts and seafood. One of us decided to go Vegan too! What followed, was average food – for some starters were good than the mains, while it was opposite for others. Although, nothing was super bad, but nothing was WOW-Worthy as well. Highlight of my experience here goes to their cocktails especially their Basil Smash, which is a must try if you’re around. If you do decide to go here – play safe with dishes you choose, their menu keeps updating every 6 weeks if I am not wrong. 



2.     Last Hour at Calamari 


What started as a Retro Night with tunes like Dancing Queen and Daddy Cool, ended up like a Bollywood Dance Party. Calamari on Calangute is an excellent recommendation – their vibe on the beach is sublime during both night and day. Food and drinks are good as well. I will definitely recommend you to go there, but would ask you to call in before about the music and scene which is happening that night. 


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What's Popping in '22? The New

1.     Yazu


In Calungate, right next to Calamari – there’s Yazu. As the name suggests, it’s a Pan Asian Restaurant with a beach front view, boasting of lavish cocktails, scrumptious food and good house and pop music. 


Yazu was a vibe for me, thanks to their Yazu Margaritas which were made with Egg Whites and put together with hints of Japanese Flavor and my favorite herb, Rosemary. For food, we almost had everything on their menu. But if you are round – go for their Sushi, Cheung Fun, Thai Curries and Pad Thai Noodle. 


2.     La Plage


Super chill place during the day where practically you are sitting on these laidback chairs literally on the beach. Situated in one of the cleanest beaches in North Goa, La Plage is the place you want to go-to in Morjim. 


They have a good collection of Rose Wines with decent types of cocktails as well. Beer is a go-to when sitting like this as well. The food here was great with a bit of fusion as well. Do try their Fried Prawns in starters, followed by my favourite Banana Leaf wrapped Fish with Brown Rice. 


3.     Babka


Not a beach club, nor a bar. The only coffee front which has made my list was Babka. Before I went, I honestly thought it was just a hype. Went here the first day here – and the I stopped here everyday for my cold coffee. What followed, was their bagels and babka – both so soft, fresh and warm. I slowly developed obsession for their coffee and food, and if you’re around this is a must! 


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   4.      Bo Tai 


Situated in Vagator, is the newly opened Bo Tai. A vibe in Mehrauli, Delhi – Bo Tai has successfully been able to blend itself with the Goan Vibe. Made with cane and rustic copper, the interiors have been done quite fantastically. 

The day I was here – they had an unlimited brunch deal going with Live Band music and the vibe was like no other. Aperol and Dumplings kept flowing and we kept dancing. This place is also a must if you’re in Goa. Do check in with them about their deals before popping in. 


5.     Antares


Right next to Bo Tai, is Antares – with great views of Palms, Music and huge ass decks to chill and party, both during the day and night. Home to great Goan Food – this is one place which I enjoyed back in 2018 and also right now in 2022. If you’re here – order nothing but seafood.