Garlic Dough Balls with Herbed Butter


garlic dough balls
Who doesn’t like freshly baked bread? The Kitchen definitely smells amazing when your bread is done! These are garlic dough balls which are being served with a Herbed Butter Garlic Dip. Crispy and Fresh from Outside but SOFT like a pillow from the Inside.
Have you ever worked with YEAST?
YEAST is nothing to be scared about, it’s honestly not Rocket Science. I use Active Dry Instant Yeast. If you’re using Fresh Yeast, just double the quantity.
Here are a few tips which will help you to learn about yeast. I use Active Dry Instant Yeast.
Water: Only use Warm Water when trying to activate yeast. Both hot and cold water will kill the yeast. Use Lukewarm Water!
Salt vs Sugar: Sugar helps the yeast to activate, to make it frothy and to give a better rise. Whilst, salt is the opposite, it's an anti-agent. Salt should only be incorporated in the dough towards the final stages of it.
Proofing: YES IT REQUIRES PATIENCE! You need to find a warm place, a Switched Off oven is the best place to proof your bread. In areas where it's generally cold or during Winters, it will take longer to proof say about a little bit more than an hour. But during Warm Climate or/and Humid Weather, it will take relatively shorter, close to around 40 minutes.
Enough about yeast! All I am saying is it’s nothing to be scared about.
Here’s how you can make the delicious Mouth Watering buns at home now:
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Proofing Time 45 mins
Total Time 1 hr 45 mins
Course Appetizer, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Italian
Yields 8 Dough Balls
Calories 260 kcal


  • Stand Mixer (Optional)
  • oven
  • Induction/Gas Stove Top
  • Weighing Scale
  • Baking Tray
  • Whisk


For the Garlic Dough Balls:

  • 175 gm Flour
  • 4 gm Yeast
  • 5 gm Sugar
  • 10 gm Garlic Powder
  • 2 gm Salt
  • 30 gm Salted Butter
  • 70 ml Water (not an exact measurement, please see in accordance to your dough if more/less water is needed)

For the Herbed Garlic Butter:

  • 30 gm Butter
  • Chopped Parsley to Taste
  • 3-4 tbsp Fresh Garlic Paste/ Pressed Garlic/ Grated Fresh Garlic
  • Salt to taste


To make the Garlic Dough Balls:

  • Take a bowl, mix together - yeast, sugar and water. Whisk together and let it rest to froth. It will take about 3-5 minutes to froth well. You’ll see bubbles appearing.
  • Take a stand mixer or just a clean surface. Add your flour and garlic powder, mix together. If you’re using a plain surface, make a well between the dry ingredients to add the Yeast Mixture.
  • Add in your Yeast mixture and start kneading. When it just starts coming together, add Salted Butter (either soft or melted) and your salt. Knead well and roll it into a tight ball.
  • Divide the dough in 8-10 equal parts ranging 30-40 grams each.
  • Knead all balls into tight small rounds and keep them on a well oiled tray for proofing. Make sure they are not next to each other and have some gap in between. They will double in size , so plan for the tray size accordingly.
  • Here to speed up the process a bit, you may cling wrap your tray or even add a Muslin Cloth on top of it.
  • For proofing, keep your tray inside a Switched OFF oven and let it proof for an hour. (again depending upon where you are and your weather) Preheat your oven before you start baking them.
  • Once doubled in size, bake them at 160° for 10 -15 minutes or until done.
  • Moreover, if you think that the top part of the bread is browning too fast and inside is not done yet, feel free to cover it with an aluminium foil.

To make the Herbed Garlic Butter:

  • Take a very small pan, add a lot of butter here. Keep it in a low to medium heat setting here.
  • After the butter has somewhat melted, add the garlic and mix well.
  • Add shredded fresh parsley and salt, mix well and serve alongside the fresh bread!

Closing Note

I would totally totally recommend using this recipe to make fresh bread at home. It’s one of the easy ones to get you started with bread and yeasts! Do definitely try it.
If you think you are really enjoying making bread at home.
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